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Trends in Cityscape Lighting

  • Trends in Cityscape Lighting
Dec 03, 2015

For almost a century, Thorn Lighting has been a leading name in outdoor luminaires, and has contributed to the safety and well-being of citizens in more than 100 countries around the world.

Did you know BMW has developed an intelligent vehicle charging system that can be grafted directly on to existing street lighting infrastructure? The system also reduces light output when there is no passing traffic – will this be the future for streetlight installations?

At Thorn we work closely with technicians to provide equipment that is not only easy to install and maintain, but which will also stand the test of time – as evidenced by our industry-leading warranties and reputation for reliability. Our support of open control protocols also assist technical teams in implementing innovative control systems that further increase effectiveness while reducing cost.

From design through to technical installation, we have created a Cityscape Lighting Round Up to help keep you up to date with how policy makers and lighting innovators are approaching change in urban lighting.

The Round Up looks at the biggest lighting technology in 2015, from ultraviolet LED to the ‘Internet of Things’. It further focusses on the changing face of streetlights, looking at integration with new technology and partners, like the BMW charging system. And lastly, forward thinking is one thing, but let’s not forget about the present, you still need to be compliant with the current lighting regulations. Our Round Up links to a one stop shop for checking polices across Europe and around the word to help with cross boarder working.

So before you start your next urban lighting project take a look at our Round Up of insights and creative thinking – click here to download.

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