• Raze

Unique lighting tool that reveals the character of architectural surfaces

Patented lighting tool that reveals the character of architectural uniformity

RAZE is the perfect tool for achieving a dramatic grazing effect on facades, and smooth, uniform distribution on horizontal surfaces such as paths and cycleways. Whether vertically or horizontally focused, RAZE’s integrated Flat Beam® patented optic technology can reveal the texture
and character of surfaces from a single installation point.

Many ways to install

The RAZE family is made up of two ranges: Architectural and Bollard. Both offer a choice of sizes and many installation options, while remaining unified by a single consistent design. The Architectural range can be installed almost anywhere to graze all kinds of surfaces. The Bollard range has been created to precisely illuminate horizontal paths from different heights.

Precise distribution

The RAZE family incorporates Thorn’s innovative Flat Beam® technology, which transforms the way we light facades and building surrounds. A high utilisation factor means light goes to the surface that needs to be lit, and nowhere else. The flat and wide light distribution makes it possible to reduce the number of products installed and still maintain continuous illumination along a path or wall. RAZE lets you achieve the perfect effect, while saving energy and respecting the environment.



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