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Combine to create an elegant urban lighting solution

Smart, timeless design

VOLUPTO’s design blends the old and the new. The elegant bowl shape and distinctive polycarbonate surface create a product that fits in almost any urban area. VOLUPTO’s gentle glow not only improves safety but supports social interaction and gives urban spaces their own identity. And
the fully integrated motion sensor, together with further connectivity options, make VOLUPTO a truly intelligent luminaire.

Variety of light distributions

VOLUPTO balances vertical and horizontal illumination to ensure outdoor spaces are lit comfortably. It can be fitted with a broad range of optics so it can be used to fulfil all the outdoor lighting requirements of a modern city centre, while always keeping a consistent design language.

High-tech mixing chamber

The mixing chamber inside VOLUPTO is specially designed to maximise efficiency and minimise glare. With a few simple elements VOLUPTO creates the perfect mix of light, for an unobtrusive luminous effect. This is made possible by Thorn’s unique R-PEC® optical system, which allows VOLUPTO to achieve luminous efficacy up to 144 lm/W.


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