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Dyana LED

  • Dyana LED
  • Dyana LED

A high quality LED luminaire to enchance efficiently urban roads and streets up to Me2

  • Flexibility of use: 11 lumen outputs (up to 14000 lm), two sizes, top or lateral mountings and two optics to cover a wide range of lighting projects from S to Me2 classes
  • High performance Thorn R-PEC road and street lighting LED optic with high efficiency (up to 114 lm/W)
  • Durable IP66 and IK10 luminaire made of high quality die-cast aluminium
  • Coordinated with new brackets and columns for a full harmonised architectural project

Materials and Finish

Body, spigot and canopy (size 1): die-cast aluminium, power coating textured dark grey finish. Canopy (size 2): spun aluminium, textured anthracite finish.
Flat glass cover: 5mm thick toughened glass.
Gasket (size 1): Ethylene Propylene Diamine rubber (EPDM), (size 2) silicon.

Installation and Mounting

Optimised narrow road (NR) and wide street (WS) optic for good control and comfort. Dedicated range of Dyana (Thorn range) columns and brackets.
Size 1 : Side entry mounting Ø 60mm, tilt = 0°, -5°. Post top mounting Ø 60mm and Ø 76mm as standard, tilt 5°, 10°. End cap secured by 2 screws.
Slim section only 92mm thick. Opening from above. Supplied complete and ready to install, in a single box. Weight: 12 kg max.
Size 2 : Side mounting : Ø 60mm x 100mm long spigot tilted to 0°, secured by 2 screws with safety bolts. Top mounting : Ø 60mm spigot tilted to 10°, secured by 4 stainless steel headless screws. Opening from below.
Supplied complete and ready to install, in a single box. Weight: 15kg max. Option for Ø 76 mm mounting with spigot accessory.

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Dyana LED, Size 1

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
DYANA 36L35NR 740 DALI CL2 MTP 8M NORDIC394809E7733701LED12.0396261133
DYANA 36L50NR740 DALICL2 MTP60 8M NORDIC556555E7733702LED12.0396261134
DYANA 36L70NR740 DALI CL2MTP60 8M NORDIC778675E7733703LED12.0396261135

Dyana LED, Bi-power, size 1

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
DYANA LED 36L35 NR 740 BP CL2 MTP 8M394809E7733698LED11.7296261130
DYANA LED 36L50 NR 740 BP CL2 MTP60 8M556555E7733699LED11.7296261131
DYANA LED 36L70 NR 740 BP CL2 MTP60 8M778675E7733700LED11.7296261132