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GTLED Pro gears

  • GTLED Pro gears

Light that lasts - for any tunnel

  • Designed for long lasting performance suitable with the highest corrosion classification (C5) and no debris retention design
  • Unique luminaire design : slim, compact and lightweight
  • Wide range of optics providing uniform and comfortable lighting for the safety of tunnel users
  • Versatile solution with choice of luminaire sizes, remote gear boxes and fixation brackets
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GTLED Pro, gear box, plastic

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
GP GB GRP 1x160W OUT1-105 W1,5 CL16.6196276223
GP GB GRP 1x160W OUT1-35 W1,5 CL16.6196276385
GP GB GRP 1x160W OUT1-50 W1,5 CL16.6196276386
GP GB GRP 1x160W OUT1-70 W1,5 CL16.6196276387
GP GB GRP 2x120W OUT1-105 W1,5 CL17.4196276224
GP GB GRP 2x120W OUT1-35 W1,5 CL17.4196276388
GP GB GRP 2x120W OUT1-50 W1,5 CL17.4196276389
GP GB GRP 2x120W OUT1-70 W1,5 CL17.4196276390
GP GB GRP 2x120W OUT2-105 W1,5 CL17.7296276225
GP GB GRP 2x120W OUT2-35 W1,5 CL17.7296276391
GP GB GRP 2x120W OUT2-50 W1,5 CL17.7296276392
GP GB GRP 2x120W OUT2-70 W1,5 CL17.7296276393
GP GB GRP 2x160W OUT1-35 W1,5 CL17.6696276394
GP GB GRP 2x160W OUT1-50 W1,5 CL17.6696276395
GP GB GRP 2x160W OUT1-70 W1,5 CL17.6696276227
GP GB GRP 2x160W OUT2-105 W1,5 CL17.7996276226
GP GB GRP 2x160W OUT2-35 W1,5 CL17.7996276396
GP GB GRP 2x160W OUT2-50 W1,5 CL17.7996276397
GP GB GRP 2x160W OUT2-70 W1,5 CL17.7996276398
GP PB 1X200 DA LV-OUT1 100 W1,5 CL15.7196670003
GP PB 1X200 DA LV-OUT1 105 W1,5 CL15.7196668849
GP PB 1X200 DA LV-OUT1 50 W1,5 CL15.7196668852
GP PB 1X200 DA LV-OUT1 70 W1,5 CL15.7196668854
GP PB 1X200 DA LV-OUT1 85 W1,5 CL15.7196670004
GP PB 2X135 DA HV-OUT1 50 W1,5 CL16.7096668859
GP PB 2X135 DA HV-OUT1 70 W1,5 CL16.7096668861
GP PB 2X135 DA LV-OUT1 105 W1,5 CL16.7096668856
GP PB 2X135 DA LV-OUT2 100 W1,5 CL16.8496670005
GP PB 2X200 DA HV-OUT1 50 W1,5 CL17.1596668871
GP PB 2X200 DA HV-OUT1 70 W1,5 CL17.1596668873
GP PB 2X200 DA LV-OUT1 85 W1,5 CL17.1596670008
GP PB 2X200 DA LV-OUT2 100 W1,5 CL17.2996670007
GP PB 2X200 DA LV-OUT2 105 W1,5 CL17.2996668875
GP PB 3X200 DA HV-OUT1 70 W1,5 CL18.6196670010
GP PB 3X200 DA HV-OUT1 85 W1,5 CL18.6196669921
GP PB 4X135 DA HV-OUT2 50 W1,5 CL19.2396670013
GP PB 4X135 DA HV-OUT2 70 W1,5 CL19.2396669922
GP PB 4X135 DA LV-OUT2 105 W1,5 CL19.2396670012
GP PB 4X200 DA HV-OUT2 70 W1,5 CL110.1396670017