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  • CiviTEQ
  • CiviTEQ

Cost-effective LED road lighting solution for refurbishment projects

  • Offers the best balance between cost of ownership and performance. Fitted with R-PEC® optic to bring safe and efficient light to residential streets and high traffic roads
  • Available in 2 sizes up to 19klm, 12 precise light distributions and versatile installation possibilities - CiviTEQ adapts to any installation layout
  • Comprehensive range of controls incorporating the Bi-Power Switch to activate or deactivate dimming onsite
  • Compact and lightweight luminaire for easy handling and installation with a low windage

Materials and Finish

Performance version: Canopy: die-cast aluminium, powder coated grey RAL 9006 (other RAL colours on request) with rear clip in stainless steel
Basic version: Canopy: reinforced plastic, RAL 9006 with screws
Body: die-cast aluminium unpainted
Spigot: plain die-cast aluminium
Enclosure: toughened glass
Screws: stainless steel

Installation and Mounting

CL1: Suitable for mounting on top Ø76mm or side Ø60mm or Ø42mm.
CL2: Suitable for mounting on top Ø76mm or side Ø60mm (MA34/42mm with accessory).
Variable tilting setting: 0° to +10° on post top mounting and -20° to 0° on lateral mounting, in 5° steps.
Tilt adaptor 0° with bracket tilted at -45° as accessory.
Cable gland for Ø8 to 12mm cable. Delivered ready to install, complete with factory fitted integral gear tray, all supplied in a single carton.

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CiviTEQ Small, Narrow road optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
CQ 12L35-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S151977E7733724LED5.7096627873
CQ 12L50-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S202717E7733725LED5.7096627874
CQ 12L70-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S273636E7733726LED5.7096627875
CQ 24L105-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S7910008E7733727LED5.7096627880
CQ 24L35-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S283951E7733728LED5.7096627877
CQ 24L50-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S385424E7733729LED5.7096627878
CQ 24L70-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S527249E7733730LED5.7096627879
CQ 36L35-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S395899E7733731LED5.7096627881
CQ 36L50-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S558072E7733732LED5.7096627882
CQ 36L70-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 GY-S7710711E7733733LED5.7096627556