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Out now: Thorn’s new Urban Life Lighting guide

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May 28, 2019

Learn how light is making cities smarter and more liveable

Great urban lighting can set cities free at night, giving new identity and character to outdoor spaces.

Our new Urban Life Lighting guide shows you how to do this on your next urban lighting project, using the latest lighting technology from Thorn.
We take you through the key considerations for urban lighting, covering functional and decorative illumination, key considerations such as colour, glare, uniformity and safety, as well as how to use techniques such as grazing and accenting, and of course, controls for minimising light pollution and saving energy.

We introduce the standards and guidelines you need to know about, and the challenges of different urban lighting applications, from plazas to monuments and from urban streets to parking areas, illustrated with photos and graphics demonstrating different approaches.
And of course, we introduce the latest Thorn solutions that can help you achieve the best results, including decorative luminaires, post-top fittings, bollards, architectural luminaires and more.

Find out how you can create urban lighting that makes cities smarter and more liveable, delivering the best results for people, places and the environment.


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