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Successes for the Thorn Energy Partnership in Central Eastern Europe

  • Successes for the Thorn Energy Partnership in Central Eastern Europe
  • Successes for the Thorn Energy Partnership
  • Successes for the Thorn Energy Partnership
Dec 21, 2015

Where in the Czech Republic the Thorn Energy Partnership Ostrava Network’s learning journey comes to a sporting end after the partners completed their training program, in Poland over 20 new electrical professionals join the Thorn Energy Partnership.

October saw the Ostrava network complete their Thorn Energy Partnership training. Over the last year the Ostrava Network has been attending regular face-to-face training seminars covering topics such as: Energy Potentials in Lighting Technologies, Commissioning Controls, Energy Potential in Indoor Applications, Outdoor and Public Lighting. Since the initial kick-off meeting in March 2014, the network have really grown as a team and have developed lasting relationships.

All of the training sessions were led by Zdeněk Bláha, Zumtobel Group Lighting Designer. The last formal seminar on Sports and Outdoor lighting took place in a central hotel at the beginning of October. The Thorn Energy Partnership team also took this opportunity to present the partners with their certificates and awards for winning the league table competition for the network completing the most projects. In addition a project visit to the city stadium in Ostrava took place and the event was rounded of by a dinner.

Zdeněk describes, “I feel very proud to see the results of our training in action. This network has completed so many projects. Last year they won the league table for most projects completed and reported on the portal, and they just kept on going.” Thorn Energy Partner Roman Žídek, ARGOS ELEKTRO adds, “The Thorn Energy Partnership is a very interesting initiative and the knowledge that I have gained during the training, I now use in my daily work. For example, thanks to my participation in TEP, I am able to recommend more efficient lighting solutions to my clients, saving them more money than they expect.”

Over 20 new electrical professionals join the Thorn Energy Partnership

Thorn Poland have signed up a further 21 electrical professionals to the Thorn Energy Partnership program. The Thorn Energy Partnership training program was designed to ensure all partners that join the two year course are equipped with the breadth and depth of knowledge required to successfully implement energy saving lighting schemes with a quick, attractive payback.

Thorn Poland has recently introduced the Thorn Energy Partnership concept to their growing market and it has been very well received.  At the end of September two kick off events were held which resulted in the creation of two new networks: Grupa Staśka based in Łódź and Toruńskie Pierniki in Toruń, adding a further 21 partners to the growing global Thorn Energy Partnership network.

The kick- off event of the new network Grupa Staśka was held in the headquarters of od Solar Łódź a wholesaler who has also become a Thorn Energy Partner. The training on the day focussed on teaching the participants how to analyse existing installations using an easy energy audit, calculating the potential energy savings using Energy Calc and presenting the results to a customer.

The kick-off day of the Toruńskie Pierniki Network took place in the head office of od Kopel Toruń another wholesale company and also the company that joined the Thorn Energy Partnership program as the second Polish partner overall. The training on the day took the same format as the Łódź event and ended with an agreed training schedule for the next year.

Radosław Fabisiak, Field Marketing Manager, Zumtobel Group, describes, “We are delighted to see such high levels of enthusiasm and active involvement from these two networks and look forward to helping them to save lots of energy for their customers while achieving their collective goals.”

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