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Westex Carpets, UK

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Apr 22, 2013

Thorn Energy Partnership (TEP) training supports successful roll out of lighting at carpet factory

Electrical engineering company, Fully Wired, joined the Thorn Energy Partnership (TEP) in January 2013 and as a direct result, secured a new contract and successfully implemented an energy efficient lighting scheme with Westex Carpets.

James Colam-Ainsworth, Co-Director at Fully Wired, explains: "We joined the Thorn Energy Partnership because we're committed to helping our customers achieve energy and cost savings, and wanted to ensure our knowledge is at the very forefront of developments in these areas. The move paid off because the credibility and training we received as a TEP Partner helped us to win the contract to refurbish the high bay lighting at the Westex Carpets factory.

"My experience with TEP so far has been very useful as we have gained access to training, tools and resources. The ecoCALC and energyCalc software in particular have improved my knowledge of energy efficiency.

"Thanks to the TEP, I'm now fully aware of what products are most suitable for the various applications. I also have full confidence in the design process and in TEP's continued support to help us win more contracts in the future."

Simon Walker, Director at Westex Carpets says: "The lighting installation at Westex Carpets has improved light levels throughout the site and in turn saved the company money while reducing CO2 emissions. Fully Wired and the TEP worked well together to ensure the project was completed on time and budget."

Key Facts

  • Luminaires installed: Hi-Rack and PopPack
  • Total area covered: 10,702m2
  • Total energy saving: 25.3%
  • Total carbon emission saving: 62.5 tonnes per annum
  • Total financial saving: €20,500 per annum
  • Lighting level before: <100 lux (est)
  • Lighting level after: 250-300 lux
  • Former LENI: 63Actual LENI: 47


Key ways to save energy, from Thorn's 15 ways to save energy:

Presence/absence controls, daylight controls and system efficacy

About Fully Wired

Fully Wired is a forward thinking provider of high quality electrical engineering solutions. Based in Morley, England, the firm has been committed to supplying innovative electrical solutions to commercial and residential clients since 2006.

About Westex Carpets

Westex Carpets manufactures the finest quality wool carpets from its West Yorkshire factory, which is in the heart of England's traditional wool textile industry. The company's extensive range of carpets for the home and workplace is exported worldwide.

About the Thorn Energy Partnership

The Thorn Energy Partnership (TEP) is an exciting venture between Thorn and lighting professionals which aims to promote energy efficiency without sacrificing good lighting performance. All successful TEP applicants become a TEP Partner and are supported with a 2-year certified training programme to promote energy saving schemes with a quick, attractive pay back. For more information on TEP, please click here.

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