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Classic Simplicity: Versatility combined with a high-quality look and feel.

  • Design: Classic, linear design comprising a pleasing and timeless aesthetic. High quality materials underline the value of the product.
  • Light distribution: Direct, direct/indirect (60/40% or 50/50%) and asymmetric light distribution, a double parabolic aluminium and a LRO optic version, as well as UGR <16 make PUNCH a great choice for a wide field of application.
  • Installation: Suspended and surface-mounted variants plus the possibility of continuous row and wall mounting are important features to provide maximum flexibility.
  • Smart design features for fast and easy installation and maintenance enhance the user experience.
  • Variants for every need: CRI80 or CRI90, emergency mode, pull cord switch, infills of different sizes for continuous row or the choice between LRO and louvre optic open up lots of possibilities for various situations.

Materials and Finish

Housing and end caps: Sheet steel, white powder coated
Double parabolic louvres: High reflective aluminum
Diffusers: Opal polycarbonate (PC)
LRO: Microprismatic polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)

Installation and Mounting

Suspended direct/indirect: Slidable suspension components for easy mounting, suspensions to be ordered separately (22171581), pre-installed power cord
Suspended direct only: Combine your desired surface-mounted LRO or LV-Variant with the optional suspension accessories (22171581 & 22171349) to be ordered separately
Surface: Suitable for direct surface mounting
Continuous row & Infills: Optional accessories to link individual suspended luminaires together
Wall: Optional wall mounting bracket accessory compatible with all versions

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Punch, surface

Punch, surface, dimmable

Punch, surface, dimmable emergency

Punch, suspended

Punch, suspended, dimmable

Description   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
<PUNCH 3 ASYM MSP 2200-830 L12 HFIXE7018929LED3.5096630508
<PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 5500-830 L12 HFIXE7021424LED6.0096635381
<PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 5500-930 L12 HFIX SWDE7021426LED6.0096635393
<PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 5500-940 L12 HFIX SWDE7021427LED6.0096635394
<PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 6600-930 L15 HFIX SWDLED6.5096635395
<PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 6600-940 L15 HFIXLED6.5096635390
<PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 6600-940 L15 HFIX SWDLED6.5096635396
PUNCH 3 ASYM MSP 2200-840 L12 HFIXE7018932LED3.5096630509
PUNCH 3 ASYM MSP 2200-930 L12 HFIXLED3.5096636055
PUNCH 3 ASYM MSP 2200-940 L12 HFIXLED3.5096635741
PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 5500-840 L12 HFIXE7021425LED6.0096635382
PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 5500-930 L12 HFIXLED3.5096636047
PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 5500-940 L12 HFIXLED6.0096635389
PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 6600-830 L15 HFIXE7021428LED6.5096635383
PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 6600-840 L15 HFIXE7021429LED6.5096635384
PUNCH 3 LRO MSP 6600-930 L15 HFIXLED3.8096636048
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 5500-830 L12 HFIXE7023059LED3.5096635731
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 5500-840 L12 HFIXE7023060LED3.5096635732
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 5500-930 L12 HFIXLED3.5096636023
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 5500-930 L12 HFIX SWDE7021431LED3.5096635476
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 5500-940 L12 HFIXLED3.5096635715
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 5500-940 L12 HFIX SWDE7021433LED3.5096635477
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 6600-830 L15 HFIXE7023061LED3.8096635733
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 6600-840 L15 HFIXE7023062LED3.8096635734
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 6600-930 L15 HFIXLED3.8096636024
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 6600-930 L15 HFIX SWDE7021434LED3.8096635478
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 6600-940 L15 HFIXLED3.5096635716
PUNCH 3 LV MSP 6600-940 L15 HFIX SWDE7021435LED3.8096635479

Punch, suspended, dimmable emergency

Punch accessories