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Omega Pro 2 Mini

  • Omega Pro 2 Mini

Complimentary office lighting solution

  • Modular square luminaire with pre-fitted springs for easy installation into modular or plasterboard ceilings / walls; surface mounting options are available too via an additional mounting box
  • Two optics ensure tailor made lighting results, either for corridors and circulation areas (UGR22, OP) or for extended office areas or assembly spaces (UGR19 @ 900 lm; UGR22 @ 1800 lm, MPT)
  • To influence the room ambience, two colour temperatures - warm white (3000K) and neutral (4000K) - are available in high CRI (>90) to ensure the right lit quality
  • Furthermore, the family is featuring emergency units and can be connected to building management systems via DALI (HFIX) or BDW (BC)

Materials and Finish

Frame: mild sheet steel, white (RAL9016)
Back: mild sheet steel, galvanised
Diffuser: OP = UV-stabilized PMMA, MPT = UV-stabilized PC

Installation and Mounting

Lay-in: Omega Pro LED is suitable for lay-in installation into 300mm modular ceilings with 15mm or 24mm exposed T grid.
Plasterboard ceilings: Each product is pre-equipped with loaded springs for easy installation into plasterboard ceilings without the need for any further modification.
Surface mounting: collar type - fixed to the ceiling with 4 screws via keyhole slots, product to be laid in.

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Omega Pro 2 Mini, OP optic

Omega Pro 2 Mini, MPT optic

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