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Omega Pro 2

  • Omega Pro 2

Connect to the future

  • Connectivity-ready luminaire featuring the pluggable, interoperable C-KIT for toolless mechanical and electrical connection of sensors, wireless nodes or emergency functionality
  • The right light for any task is provided through 3 dedicated optics: opal (OP) / balance, prismatic (MPT) / performance and hexagonal (HX) / comfort
  • Tune your light and shape your office or school towards a zone of relaxation, focus or communication with the new variable colour temperature feature (VCT)
  • Omega Pro 2 can be installed into visible & hidden T-bar ceilings, plasterboard ceilings and can be surface mounted or suspended too

Materials and Finish

Frame: mild sheet steel, white (RAL9016)
Back: mild sheet steel, galvanised
Diffuser: OP = UV-stabilized PMMA, MPT / HX = UV-stabilized PC
CKIT / CKIT+: UV-stabilized Polycarbonate

Installation and Mounting

Lay-in: Omega Pro LED is suitable for lay-in installation into 15mm or 24mm exposed T grid ceilings.
Concealed ceilings: For installation into concealed ceilings , accessories are available and need to be ordered separately.
Plasterboard ceilings: For installation into plasterboard ceilings, accessories are available and need to be ordered separately.
Surface mounting: collar type - fixed to the ceiling with 4 screws via keyhole slots, product to be laid in.
Suspended mounting: suspended via adjustable wire suspension (1500mm), 4 fixing points to the ceiling.

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Omega Pro 2 CKITplus, MPT optic

Omega Pro 2 CKITplus, HX optic

Omega Pro 2 CKIT, MPT optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
OP2 3800-840 CKIT MPT BC Q600 MRG293800LED5.4692913233
OP2 4400-927-65 CKIT MPT BC Q600484450LED5.4492915969

Omega Pro 2 CKIT, HX optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
OP2 3000-840 CKIT HX Q600223000LED5.4092919333
OP2 3800-840 CKIT HX Q600273800LED5.4092916880
OP2 4400-830 CKIT HX Q600334150LED5.3592913996

Omega Pro 2, MPT optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
OP2 3000-830 MPT HF Q600242800E7018071LED5.0592916641
OP2 3000-830 MPT HFIX Q600242800E7018073LED5.0592916798
OP2 3000-840 MPT HF 3X12243000LED5.2892916303
OP2 3000-840 MPT HF E3 3X12243000LED5.7992916304
OP2 3000-840 MPT HF E3 Q600243000LED5.5692913445
OP2 3000-840 MPT HF E3D 3X12243000LED5.8092916306
OP2 3000-840 MPT HF E3D Q600243000LED5.5792913446
OP2 3000-840 MPT HF Q600243000LED5.0592913228
OP2 3000-840 MPT HFIX 3X12243000LED5.2892916317
OP2 3000-840 MPT HFIX E3 3X12243000LED5.7992916305
OP2 3000-840 MPT HFIX E3 Q600243000LED5.5692916274
OP2 3000-840 MPT HFIX E3D 3X12243000LED5.8092916307
OP2 3000-840 MPT HFIX E3D Q600243000LED5.5792913448
OP2 3000-840 MPT HFIX Q600243000LED5.0592913227
OP2 3800-830 MPT HF Q600303550LED5.0592916436
OP2 3800-830 MPT HFIX Q600293550LED5.0592915524
OP2 3800-840 MPT HF 3X12303800LED5.2892916323
OP2 3800-840 MPT HF E3 3X12303800LED5.7992916321
OP2 3800-840 MPT HF E3 Q600303800LED5.5692913444
OP2 3800-840 MPT HF E3D 3X12303800LED5.8092916320
OP2 3800-840 MPT HF E3D Q600303800LED5.5792913447
OP2 3800-840 MPT HF Q600303800LED5.0592913230
OP2 3800-840 MPT HFIX 3X12293800LED5.2892914006
OP2 3800-840 MPT HFIX E3 3X12293800LED5.7992916322
OP2 3800-840 MPT HFIX E3 Q600293800LED5.5692916276
OP2 3800-840 MPT HFIX E3D 3X12293800LED5.8092916319
OP2 3800-840 MPT HFIX E3D Q600293800LED5.5792913449
OP2 3800-840 MPT HFIX Q600293800LED5.0592913231
OP2 3800-840 MPT HFIX Q600 MRG293800LED5.0792915035
OP2 3800-927-65 MPT HFIX 3X12403800LED5.2892920344
OP2 3800-927-65 MPT HFIX Q600403800LED5.0592920345
OP2 4400-830 MPT HF Q600364150E7018072LED5.0592916660
OP2 4400-830 MPT HFIX Q600354150E7018069LED5.0592913994
OP2 4400-840 MPT HF 3X12364450LED5.2892916324
OP2 4400-840 MPT HF E3 3X12364450LED5.7992916326
OP2 4400-840 MPT HF E3 Q600364450LED5.5692913443
OP2 4400-840 MPT HF E3D 3X12364450LED5.8092916327
OP2 4400-840 MPT HF E3D Q600364450LED5.5792913450
OP2 4400-840 MPT HF Q600364450E7018153LED5.0592915526
OP2 4400-840 MPT HFIX 3X12354450LED5.2892916126
OP2 4400-840 MPT HFIX E3 3X12354450LED5.7992916325
OP2 4400-840 MPT HFIX E3 Q600354450LED5.5692916275
OP2 4400-840 MPT HFIX E3D 3X12354450LED5.8092914014
OP2 4400-840 MPT HFIX E3D Q600354450LED5.5792913451
OP2 4400-840 MPT HFIX Q600354450E7018765LED5.0592913441
OP2 4400-927-65 MPT HFIX 3X12484450LED5.2892920346
OP2 4400-927-65 MPT HFIX E3 Q600484450LED5.9192919899
OP2 4400-927-65 MPT HFIX Q600484450LED5.1092920347

Omega Pro 2, HX optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
OP2 3000-830 HX HF Q600232800LED5.0592916799
OP2 3000-830 HX HFIX Q600222800LED5.0592914012
OP2 3800-830 HX HF Q600283550LED5.0592918486
OP2 3800-830 HX HFIX Q600273550LED5.0592918072
OP2 3800-840 HX HF 3X12283800LED5.2892913223
OP2 3800-840 HX HF Q600283800LED5.0592913225
OP2 3800-840 HX HFIX 3X12273800LED5.2892913224
OP2 3800-840 HX HFIX E3D Q600273800LED5.5792914001
OP2 3800-840 HX HFIX Q600273800LED5.0592913226
OP2 4400-830 HX HF Q600344150E7018074LED5.0592916800
OP2 4400-830 HX HFIX Q600334150E7018070LED5.0592913995

Omega Pro 2, OP optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
OP2 3000-830 OP HF Q600242650LED5.0592915522
OP2 3000-830 OP HFIX Q600242650LED5.0592915523
OP2 3000-840 OP HF E3 Q600242850LED5.5692913456
OP2 3000-840 OP HF E3D Q600242850LED5.5792913458
OP2 3000-840 OP HF Q600242850LED5.0592913460
OP2 3000-840 OP HFIX E3 Q600242850LED5.5692913455
OP2 3000-840 OP HFIX E3D Q600242850LED5.5792913459
OP2 3000-840 OP HFIX Q600242850LED5.0592913457
OP2 3800-830 OP HF Q600303350LED5.0592915923
OP2 3800-830 OP HFIX Q600293350LED5.0592916725
OP2 3800-840 OP HF E3 Q600303600LED5.5692913468
OP2 3800-840 OP HF E3D Q600303600LED5.5792913470
OP2 3800-840 OP HF Q600303600LED5.0592913453
OP2 3800-840 OP HFIX E3 Q600293600LED5.5692913466
OP2 3800-840 OP HFIX E3D Q600293600LED5.5792913469
OP2 3800-840 OP HFIX Q600293600LED5.0592913440
OP2 4400-830 OP HF Q600363950LED5.0592916554
OP2 4400-830 OP HFIX Q600353950LED5.0592913993
OP2 4400-840 OP HF E3 Q600364250LED5.5692913462
OP2 4400-840 OP HF E3D Q600364250LED5.5792913463
OP2 4400-840 OP HF Q600364250LED5.0592913461
OP2 4400-840 OP HFIX E3 Q600354250LED5.5692913465
OP2 4400-840 OP HFIX E3D Q600354250LED5.5792913464
OP2 4400-840 OP HFIX Q600354250LED5.0592913467
OP2 4400-927-65 MPT HFIX E3D Q600484250LED5.9292919900

Omega Pro 2 CKIT interchangeable modules

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
OP2 CKIT BC0.3796633180
OP2 CKIT BLANK0.2896633178

Omega Pro 2 CKITplus interchangeable modules

Omega Pro 2 mounting accessories