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Raze Architectural

  • Raze Architectural

RAZE Architectural is the perfect tool for achieving a dramatic grazing effect on façades

  • Raze's integrated Flat beam® patented optic technology can reveal the texture and character of surfaces from a single installation point
  • A compact luminaire in 2 sizes with an extensive beam and high utilisation factor for a minimum loss of flux as most of the light emitted is projected on the surface
  • Whether vertically or horizontally used, upwards or downwards, Raze can be placed very close to the wall still reaching high uniformity
  • Raze Architectural is equipped with DALI. Internal louvre available in large size to reduce lateral glare

Materials and Finish

Housing: die-cast aluminium (EN AC-44300) best resistance against corrosion. Compatible with seaside installation. Standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012.
Powder coated in texturized anthracite grey / light grey / black. Other RAL on request
Bowl: UV stabilised PC, Large: partially frosted, Small: fully frosted
Fasteners: stainless steel
Surge protection: 6kV

Installation and Mounting

Small and large Raze Architectural can be mounted flush on the wall (MWA) or on the ground or ceiling with a tilting bracket (MSF). Raze Architectural small with remote Dali driver whether IP20(HFX/R) or in gear box IP65 (HFX/RB). Raze Architectural small can be ordered with no driver (NG) as one driver can drive up to 3 luminaires. Raze Architectural Large with integrated Dali driver.

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Raze Architectural Small

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
RAA S 1L35-827 HFX/RB 6K MSF ANT6350LED1.2896631797
RAA S 1L35-830 HFX/R 6K MSF ANT6350LED0.8496632096
RAA S 1L35-830 HFX/R 6K MWA ANT6350LED0.7996632095
RAA S 1L35-830 HFX/RB 6K MSF ANT6350LED1.2896631791
RAA S 1L35-830 HFX/RB 6K MWA ANT6350LED1.2396631790
RAA S 1L35-830 NG 6K MSF ANT6350LED0.6196631720
RAA S 1L35-830 NG 6K MWA ANT6350LED0.5696632094

Raze Architectural Large

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
RAA L 1L50-827 HFX 6K MSF ANT211371LED2.8596632097
RAA L 1L50-827 HFX 6K MSF BK211371LED2.8596632321
RAA L 1L50-830 HFX 6K MSF ANT211688LED2.8596631721
RAA L 1L50-830 LV HFX 6K MSF ANT211433LED2.8596632098
RAA L 1L50-830 LV HFX 6K MWA ANT211433LED2.7796631792