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Cadriano, Italy

  • Cadriano, Italy
  • Lamp efficacy

    Lamp efficacy

    Ensuring the lamp efficiently converts electricity into light (lm/W).

  • Ballast classification

    Ballast classification

    Controlling the electricity supply to the lamp (Energy Efficiency Index).

  • Luminaire distribution

    Luminaire distribution

    Controlling light emission using optics which bend and shape the light to the correct location.

  • System efficacy

    System efficacy

    Combining optical and thermal control within the luminaire (luminaire lm/W).

  • Presence/absence detection

    Presence/absence detection

    Providing lighting only when it’s needed.

  • Daylight detection

    Daylight detection

    Reducing waste light during daylight hours.

  • Constant illuminance

    Constant illuminance

    Producing the correct lighting levels for the duration of the maintenance period.

  • Task-scene setting

    Task-scene setting

    Allowing the user to set scenes and adapt the lighting to different tasks.

  • Timed off

    Timed off

    Automatic cut-off to turn all lights off during unoccupied hours.

  • Task lighting

    Task lighting

    Lighting task areas with the correct amount of light.

  • Zoning of lighting

    Zoning of lighting

    Zoning lighting in accordance to occupancy patterns or window location.

  • Maintenance schedule

    Maintenance schedule

    Tailoring maintenance schedules in accordance to product age, performance and environment.

  • Waste light

    Waste light

    Eliminating waste light which does not hit the intended target.

  • Reflectance


    Taking advantage of light which is reflected from the surface within the space.

  • Visible smart metering

    Visible smart metering

    Enabling results of actions to be quickly seen as increased or decreased energy use to encourage responsible energy consumption.

IVS lighting system helps to improve pedestrian safety in Cadriano

What is believed to be the first significant installation of Thorn Identification, Visibility and Safety lighting, or IVS, is in Cadriano, near Bologna.

Here the Municipality, mindful that one in four pedestrian deaths occur on supposedly 'safe' crossings, is increasing efforts to make pedestrian crossings safer, especially for the disabled and elderly who may need more time to cross the road. The new installation comprises a mixture of dedicated Civic IVS lanterns with 140W ceramic metal halide lamps and column mounted LED signals.

"There is no obligation to adopt it," explains Thorn sales manager, Stefano De Leo, "but this new frontier in road safety is beginning to assert itself".  Researchers with EuroTest recently studied 215 crossings and found that nearly one in five scored badly for night visibility.

Cadriano joins a growing number of towns and cities around the country, including Como, Varese, Florence and Prato, with IVS lighting systems that improve pedestrian safety at zebra crossings.