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Beta 2

  • Beta 2

A flexible, efficient and long-lasting solution for office and education

  • Prismatic diffuser makes it perfect for working areas as well as circulation areas in an office building
  • Beta 2 adheres to the lighting norm (EN12464-1) making it perfect for working environments
  • Excellent core essentials provide high performance whilst minimalist construction ensures affordability
  • Beta 2 can be applied in areas such as laboratories and restrooms, being protected against water spray and with limited dust ingress, due to higher protection rating on room side IP54 and IK06

Materials and Finish

Frame: white sheet steel
Diffuser: prismatic

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for recessed as standard and accessories to allow installations in plasterboard ceilings, surface-mounted and suspended.

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Beta 2 square

Description   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
BETA 2 LED3000-830 HF Q600E7016340LED4.0096631454
BETA 2 LED3000-840 HF Q600E7016339LED4.0096631453
BETA 2 LED3800-830 HF Q600E7016336LED4.0096631443
BETA 2 LED3800-840 HF Q600E7016335LED4.0096631442

Beta 2 square, emergency

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
BETA 2 LED3000-840 HF E3 Q600LED5.5096631461
BETA 2 LED3800-840 HF E3 Q600LED5.5096631450

Beta 2 square, dimmable

Description   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
BETA 2 LED3000-830 HFIX Q600E7016342LED4.0096631456
BETA 2 LED3000-840 HFIX Q600E7016341LED4.0096631455
BETA 2 LED3800-830 HFIX Q600E7016338LED4.0096631445
BETA 2 LED3800-840 HFIX Q600E7016337LED4.0096631444

Beta 2 square, dimmable, emergency

Beta 2 IP65

Beta 2 rectangular

Description   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
BETA 2 LED3000-830 HF 300X1200E7016348LED4.5096631472
BETA 2 LED3000-840 HF 300X1200E7016347LED4.5096631471
BETA 2 LED3800-830 HF 300X1200E7016344LED4.5096631465
BETA 2 LED3800-840 HF 300X1200E7016343LED4.5096631464

Beta 2 rectangular, emergency

Beta 2 rectangular, dimmable

Description   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
BETA 2 LED3000-830 HFIX 300X1200E7016350LED4.5096631474
BETA 2 LED3000-840 HFIX 300X1200E7016349LED4.5096631473
BETA 2 LED3800-830 HFIX 300X1200E7016346LED4.5096631467
BETA 2 LED3800-840 HFIX 300X1200E7016345LED4.5096631466

Beta 2 rectangular, dimmable, emergency

Beta 2 accessories