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  • Isaro
  • Isaro

Discrete and flexible road and street lighting lantern with durable high performance

  • IDA Dark Sky Approved
  • *IDA fixture seal of approval relates to <= 3000 K only and clear enclosures, +/- 10° maximum tilt only. Luminaires must be mounted as photometered.
  • Designed to maximize lighting performances, optimize circular economy strategies, while limiting its carbon footprint.
  • Reliable and flexible : high quality die-cast aluminium EN AC 44300 casting and Geomet anti-galvanic treated screws combined with vast range of lighting distributions, control, protection, wiring and color options
  • Highest corrosion protection according to EN ISO 9223 : Class 5
  • Light weight, pre-wired to the needs for easy installation

Materials and Finish

Housing, spigot: die-cast aluminium EN AC 44300, screws treated with Geomet anti-galvanic coating, powder coated texturized light grey (GY), Spigot painted. Via the configurator: Texturized black (BK), Texturized anthracite (ANT) and 48 other RAL possibilities. Standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012.
Glass: Toughened glass, 4 or 5 mm thickness
Fixings: stainless steel, with anti-galvanic treatment

Installation and Mounting

Installation up to 15 m height
• Versatile tilting technology, lateral (-15°/+15°) and post top (0°/+20°)
• Adjustable inclination by increments of 5° to optimize lighting distribution and uniformity
• Universal spigot for lateral and post top installation
• As a standard: possible coastal application thanks to its C5 corrosion protection class (ISO 9223:2012)
• Pre-wired for ease of installation at any pole height. Option with IP67 quick connector if pole cable is retained (refurbishment)

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Isaro Extra Small, Narrow road optic

Isaro Small, Narrow road optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   Catalogue No.TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IS 24L105-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY799735LED4.5996634360
IS 24L25-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY192786LED4.7296634355
IS 24L35 730 NR CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S263776E7728400LED4.3392938817
IS 24L35 730 NR ZU CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S263776E7728405LED4.4892938822
IS 24L35 740 NR CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S264130E7728386LED4.3392938803
IS 24L35-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY263776LED4.7296634356
IS 24L50 730 NR CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S375198E7728401LED4.3392938818
IS 24L50 730 NR ZU CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S375198E7728403LED4.4892938820
IS 24L50 740 NR CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S375686E7728387LED4.3392938804
IS 24L50 740 NR ZU CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S375686E7728388LED4.4892938805
IS 24L50-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY375198LED4.7296634357
IS 24L70 730 NR CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S526975E7728402LED4.3392938819
IS 24L70 730 NR ZU CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S526975E7728404LED4.4892938821
IS 24L70 740 NR CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S527629E7728389LED4.3392938806
IS 24L70 740 NR ZU CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S527629E7728390LED4.4892938807
IS 24L70-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY526975LED4.7296634358
IS 24L85-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY648213LED4.5996634359
IS 36L105-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY11714446LED5.3096634366
IS 36L25-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY294170LED4.7896634361
IS 36L35-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY395652LED4.7896634362
IS 36L50 730 NR CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S557775E7728407LED4.6792938824
IS 36L50 730 NR ZU CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S557775E7728406LED4.8292938823
IS 36L50 740 NR CL2 WS10 T60F GY-S558504E7728393LED4.8792938810
IS 36L50 740 NR CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S558504E7728391LED4.6792938808
IS 36L50 740 NR ZU CL2 WS10 T60F GY-S558504E7728394LED5.0292938811
IS 36L50 740 NR ZU CL2 WS8 T60F GY-S558504E7728392LED4.8292938809
IS 36L50-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY557775LED4.9796634363
IS 36L70 730 NR CL2 WS10 T60F GY-S7610411E7728408LED4.8992938825
IS 36L70 730 NR ZU CL2 WS10 T60F GY-S7610411E7728409LED5.0492938826
IS 36L70 740 NR CL2 WS10 T60F GY-S7611386E7728395LED4.8992938812
IS 36L70 740 NR ZU CL2 WS10 T60F GY-S7611386E7728396LED5.0492938813
IS 36L70-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY7610411LED5.0896634364
IS 36L85-730 NR CL2 WS7 T60F GY9412228LED5.3096634365

Isaro with Zhaga socket, 3000K