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For sophistication and comfort in urban life

  • IDA Dark Sky Approved
  • *IDA fixture seal of approval relates to <= 3000 K only and clear enclosures, +/- 10° maximum tilt only. Luminaires must be mounted as photometered.
  • Exclusively designed for Thorn by world renowned architects, city planners and designers Wilmotte & Industries
  • Unique signature at day and night thanks to an optical system designed with special care for comfort
  • Outstanding versatility: 22 optics, 2 sizes, 3 mounting options to fulfill a wide scope of projects
  • Part of the URBA family with Urba Deco and Urba bollard
  • Future proof with Zhaga interface Up, Down, Up and Down, NightTune and variable light distribution technologies

Materials and Finish

URBA body: die cast aluminium EN-AC 44300 with zinc flake coated screws. Suitable for C5 (standard corrosion class according to ISO 9223 : 2012) without additional coating.
A large choice of colour painting as standard : texturized anthracite (ANT) by default - texturized black (BK), texturized light grey (GY), 48 other RAL possibilities.
Glass: tempered flat glass.
Frame: aluminium - powder polycarbonate, metallized aluminium and varnish
Deflector: ABS anti-UV white (RAL 9016)

Brackets with coordinated columns:
Painted galvanised steel, anthracite grey textured finish.
Two diameter conical columns dedicated to Urba post top lantern:
Painted aluminium, anthracite grey textured finish

Installation and Mounting

Available in 2 sizes and can be installed at various heights.
Luminaire: Supplied complete and ready to install, in a single box. Post-top mounting Ø60mm or Ø76mm, spigot length 100mm. Side-entry mounting Ø60mm with adjustable tilt angles: 0°, -5°, -10°. Recommended pre-wiring via MyProduct Configurator.
Brackets with coordinated columns. Mounting heights for Urba small: 4 to 6m, for Urba Large: 6 to 9m. Columns delivered with anchoring bolts. Aluminium columns (diameters: internal 76mm, external 96mm - internal 60mm and external 81mm) with flange mountings: 200 x 200mm. Galvanized steel columns with flange mountings: 300x300mm

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URBA S, Narrow road

URBA L, Narrow road

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
UA 48L35-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT507824LED16.0096671794
UA 48L35-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT507824LED16.0096671773
UA 48L50-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT7110739LED16.0096671795
UA 48L50-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT7110739LED16.0096671774
UA 48L70-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT10114331LED16.0096671796
UA 48L70-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT10114331LED16.0096671775
UA 60L35-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT639753LED16.0096671797
UA 60L35-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT639753LED16.0096671776
UA 60L50-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT8913358LED16.0096671798
UA 60L50-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT8913358LED16.0096671777
UA 60L70-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT12517758LED16.0096671799
UA 60L70-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT12517758LED16.0096671778
UA 72L35-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT7611684LED16.0096671800
UA 72L35-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT7611684LED16.0096671779
UA 72L50-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT10715981LED16.0096671801
UA 72L50-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT10715981LED16.0096671780
UA 72L70-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT15321195LED16.0096671802
UA 72L70-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT15321195LED16.0096671781
UA 84L35-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT8813607LED16.0096671803
UA 84L35-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT8813607LED16.0096671782
UA 84L50-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT12718586LED16.0096671804
UA 84L50-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT12718586LED16.0096671783
UA 84L70-740 NR CL1 T60E ANT17824586LED16.0096671805
UA 84L70-740 NR CL2 T60E ANT17824586LED16.0096671784